In their new best-seller, Beyond Performance: How Great Organizations Build Ultimate Competitive Advantage,  Colin Price and Scott Keller ask ten question to answer if you want to know if your team is ready to move to the next stage in its development:

1. Do we have a compelling medium-term vision for change that includes specific performance targets, and does a critical mass of leaders feel deep ownership of it?
2. Do we have a shared language, robust baseline, and clear aspirations for the health of our organization, and does a critical mass of leaders feel deep ownership of these things too?

3. Do we know what capabilities are strategically important for delivering our change vision, and do we have a solid assessment of the state of these capabilities in our organization today?
4. Do we have a clear insight into the mindsets that underlie current limiting and liberating behaviors, as well as the mindsets that are needed to make our health aspirations a reality?

5. Have we defined a concrete set of performance improvement initiatives that will deliver our change vision, and are they balanced in terms of timing and risk?
6. Do we have a robust plan for influencing healthy mindsets that leverages storytelling, reinforcement mechanisms, skill building, and role modeling, and have we integrated these efforts into our performance initiatives?

7. Have we tailored the delivery model for each initiative in our portfolio to take account of scale, capacity, urgency, difficulty, and customization needs?
8. Have we generated energy for change by providing a coherent structure for the program, creating formal and informal ownership, and building in regular evaluation to identify where adjustments are needed?

9. Have we put in place the structure, processes, systems, and people to drive continuous improvement in both performance and health?
10. Throughout the transformation, have we methodically developed a group of committed leaders who have the qualities to drive continuous improvement from now on.


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