With the holidays upon us, we are also in the peak stress period of the year.  A favorite questioning game in my childhood and one of TV’s first quiz shows was called “Twenty Questions”, and these twenty question can greatly reward you not with a cash prize but with a longer and better quality of life with a reduction of stress.  Answer all the questions and then choose three that you answered with a “no”, in order to change one every three weeks to a “yes” for the next two months:

  1. Do you eat at least two balanced meals each day?
  2. Do you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night?
  3. Do you give and receive affection regularly?
  4. Do you have close relatives within 50 miles on whom you can rely?
  5. Do you exercise to the point of perspiration at least 3 times a week?
  6. Have you stopped smoking or being with people that do so excessively?
  7. Are you the appropriate weight for your height?
  8. Do you have an income adequate to meet your basic expenses?
  9. Do you get strength from your religious or spiritual beliefs?
  10. Do you regularly attend club or social activitie
  11. Do you drink alcoholic beverages three times per week or less?
  12. Do you have a strong network of friends and acquaintances?
  13. Do you have close friends you can confide in about personal matters?
  14. Are you in good health (including hearing, eyesight, teeth)?
  15. Do you speak openly and respectfully about your feelings when you are angry, afraid or worried?
  16. Do you have regular conversations with family members about problems, chores, money and daily living issues?
  17. Do you do something just for fun at least one time per week?
  18. Are you able to organize your time effectively?
  19. Do you drink less than 3 cups of coffee, tea or cola per day?
  20. Do you take quiet time for yourself during the day?


If you want more information on the subject with personal questionnaires, and can read Spanish, you can download without charge a copy of my book on the topic: <>




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