A recent publication of the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 years of work cites their principle learnings, central among them an excellent message for all top leaders:  the five core characteristics of a resilient team:

SPARE CAPACITY: ensure that there is a back-up or alternative available when a vital component of a system fails…like you.

FLEXIBILITY: use your ability to evolve, adapt and transform yourself in the face of danger…and give your team that same permission.

“SAFE” FAILURES: “safe” failures prevent or limit failures from rippling across systems, while encouraging people to use all of their personal creativity and initiative…without fear of reprisals or excessive risk anxiety.

RAPID REBOUND:  the capacity to re-establish function and avoid long-term disruptions after a major or minor tragedy…whatever can go wrong usually does.  The best question is not “Why?” but “What will we do differently next time?”

CONSTANT LEARNING:  with robust feedback loops that sense and allow new solutions as conditions change…which they inevitably and constantly do.


“Avoid the unmanageable and manage the unavoidable.”





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